The things that are saving my life

This month I’m joining a couple of my favorite bloggers – Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy and Tsh of The Art of Simple and recording what is saving my life right now. Because it’s easy to know what is difficult or “killing us,” but sometimes it’s hard to stop and take note of what is saving us.

This is what is saving my life now.

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I’m starting to see the sacred in the ordinary days. The truth is, I have post partum depression and some days feel overwhelming. Some days feel overwhelming without that, right? I’ll probably never be able to slow my mind unless I’m intentionally practicing mindfulness, dinner won’t be on the table right when I want it to be, and the house will sometimes look like a whirling dervish hit it. Take a breath…

I see the wonder. And that’s what counts most. Practicing thankfulness in the trenches of everyday, beautifully messy life. Every moment a gift.

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